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91 . ♦ Vehicle controls - k 53 learner licence


Multi-phase traffic signals
Where: At intersections at the same pole as traffic signals (robot) under signal head.
Purpose: To point out that the signals at this intersection does not follow the normal sequence. At a normal intersection you would expect that the signal in your direction will change to green after the signal for cross traffic was yellow. At this intersection your signal may remain red whilst the signal in the opposite direction changes to green.
Action: Do not move off when approaching traffic moves off. Wait until the signal is green.
The sequence of the traffic signals at this intersection can be different during normal and during peak times..


Modal transfer
Where: On the left-hand side of any road.
Purpose: To show that there is a transport modal transfer point or terminus nearby where passengers may change their mode of transport.
Action: Make sure that it is safe to slow down and stop to drop someone off or pick someone up. Also look out for pedestrians who may cross the road.