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45. ♦ Rules of the road - k 53 learner licence



You may not ride a motorcycle on a public road-
• having an engine with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cubic centimetres, every tyre displays throughout, across its breadth and around its entire circumference, a pattern which is clearly visible, and has a tread of at least one millimetre in depth;
• with an engine having a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimetres, which is fitted with a pneumatic tyre which does not at any position on the tread thereof have a visible tread pattern over at least 80 percent of the full width of the tread, or
• which is equipped with a retreated tyre.

Light Motor Vehicle
A light motor vehicle must be fitted with pneumatic tyres, which display throughout, across the breadth and around the entire circumference, a pattern that is clearly visible, and has a tread of at least 1 millimetre in depth.

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