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40. ♦ Rules of the road - k 53 learner licence



When riding any motorcycle on a public road -
• A rider may not disobey any road traffic sign or rule of the road unless so ordered to do so by a traffic officer.
• a riders feet must rest on the front foot rests;
• a rider must be seated astride on the saddle;
• a rider must have at least one hand on the handlebars of such motorcycle at all times;

• a passenger must be briefed by the rider and shall be seated on securely fastened seat and their feet must rest on securely fastened foot rests astride the motorcycle;
• not more than two persons shall ride upon such cycle, excluding a person riding in a side car attached to such motorcycle;
• a rider is not allowed to carry a passenger on a motorcycle unless such cycle has an engine with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cubic centimetres and unless such passenger is seated in a side car or astride on a pillion attached to such motorcycle;
• a rider is not allowed to carry more than two adult persons in a side car attached to a motorcycle;

• a rider may not carry any person or animal or object in front of him/her. Provided that an object of a non bulky nature may be so carried, if securely attached or placed in a suitable carrier fitted thereon and carried in such a way as not to obstruct the rider's view or prevent his or her exercising complete control over such motorcycle;

• a rider or his/her passenger shall not take hold of any other vehicle in motion;
• a rider shall do so in such manner that all the wheels of such motorcycle are in contact with the surface of the road at all times;
• all riders, shall drive in single file in the same lane, except in the course of overtaking another motorcycle in such lane, and two or more persons driving motorcycles shall not overtake another vehicle at the same time: Provided that where a public road is divided into traffic lanes, each such lane shall be regarded as a public road.