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39. ♦ Rules of the road - k 53 learner licence



No person driving a vehicle on a public road shall-
• disobey any road traffic sign or rule of the road unless so ordered to do so by a traffic officer.
• cause such vehicle to travel backwards unless it can be done in safety,
• follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable,
• Maintain a minimum 2-second following distance for light motor vehicles and motorcycles.

• Maintain a minimum 3-second following distance for heavy motor vehicles.
• Under adverse conditions such as rain, slippery surface, poor visibility or when being followed too closely, the following distance shall be increased.
• permit any person, animal or object to occupy any position in or on such vehicle which may prevent the driver/rider thereof from exercising complete control over the movements of the vehicle,

• when driving/riding such vehicle, permit any person to take hold of or interfere with the steering or operating mechanism of the vehicle;
• when driving/riding such vehicle, occupy a position that he or she does not have complete control over the vehicle or does not have a full view of the roadway and the traffic ahead of such vehicle.

• allow such vehicle to remain unattended on such road without setting its brake or adopting such other method as will effectively prevent the vehicle from moving from the position in which it is left;

• if such vehicle is parked or is stationary at the side of such road, drive the vehicle from that position unless he or she is able to do so without interfering with moving traffic approaching from any direction and with safety to himself or herself and others;
• fail to give an immediate and absolute right of way to a vehicle sounding a device or bell.

• allow any portion of his or her body to protrude beyond such vehicle while it is in motion on such road except for the purpose of giving any hand signal
• permit any person or animal to occupy the roof, any step or running board or any other place on top of a vehicle while such vehicle is in motion;

• cause or allow the engine thereof to run in such manner that it emits smoke or fumes which would not be emitted if the engine were in good condition;
• cause or allow the engine thereof to run while the motor vehicle is stationary and unattended;

• negligently or wilfully deposit any petrol or other liquid fuel or any oil or grease or other flammable or offensive matter, ashes or other refuse, of whatever nature, from such vehicle upon or alongside such road; or

• cause or allow the engine thereof to run while petrol or other flammable fuel is being delivered into the fuel tank.
• drive, pull or push a vehicle upon a sidewalk.