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29. ♦ Rules of the road - k53 learners licence



Any heavy motor vehicle (GVM exceeds 3500kg), all goods vehicles, minibuses and busses, (excluding motor cars, ambulances and motorcycles) may not be used on a public road, unless there is carried on such vehicle at least one emergency warning sign.

Provided that in the case of a combination of motor vehicles (vehicle with one or more trailers), the emergency warning sign for every motor vehicle of such combination may be carried on the drawing vehicle.

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Where a motor vehicle is for any reason stationary on the roadway of a public road, the driver of such vehicle shall display at least one emergency warning sign in the following manner -

• the sign shall be placed not less than 45 metres from the motor vehicle along the roadway of the public road concerned in the direction from which traffic will approach such vehicle when travelling on the side of the roadway closest to such motor vehicle;
• the sign shall be placed approximately as far from the edge of the roadway as the transverse centre of the motor vehicle is from the edge of the roadway; and
• the reflective side of the sign shall face in the direction from which any traffic will approach.

This shall not apply where a motor vehicle is stationary -
• in a place where a road traffic sign authorises the loading or unloading of a vehicle;
• in compliance with any direction conveyed by a road traffic sign or given by a traffic officer;
• on account of other traffic on the public road concerned and while the driver occupies the driving seat of such motor vehicle; or
• in the course of events accompanying the carrying out of a State or municipal function.

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