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15. ♦ Rules of the road - k53 learner licence



• Switch on your headlights at all times between sunset and sunrise.

• Drive with your headlights switched to dim when the visibility is less than 150   meters or less.

• Drive with your head lights s switched to bright only outside built up areas.

• Switch off the brights when there are oncoming vehicles.

You may not operate any motorcycle, on a public road unless all lamps fitted to such motorcycles are undamaged, properly secured and capable of being lighted at all times;
When riding a motorcycle on a public road, the headlamp must be lighted at all times. (During night and day)

When using any light or heavy motor vehicle on a public road; all lamps must be undamaged, unobscured, properly secured, and capable of being lit at all times;
The headlamps, rear lamps and number plate lamps must be kept lighted during the period;

• between sunset and sunrise, and
• at any other time when, due to insufficient light or unfavourable weather conditions, persons and vehicles upon the public road are not clearly discernible at a distance of 150 metres.

Provided that these provisions shall not apply to a motor vehicle, which is parked;
• off the roadway of a public road,
• in a parking place demarcated by an appropriate road traffic sign, or
• within a distance of 12 metres from a lighted street lamp illuminating the road on which such vehicle is parked.

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