Free Learners Test | k53 learners licence test - Questions and Answers


1. ♦ Rules of the road


• Collisions do not occur at a certain time or place.
• It usually occurs when one least expects it.

• Very few collisions are caused by vehicle failure.

• 90% of all collisions are caused by driver neglect.

• A vehicle can be a lethal weapon if not handled with care and attention.

• Drivers face hazards on a daily basis.

• A hazard can be defined as anything that could cause the change of speed or the change of the direction of a motor vehicle.

• Unfortunately it is a fact that drivers between the age of 18 and 25 are involved in more accidents than drivers in any other group.

• Always remember to be tolerant and patient when you drive a motor vehicle and always remember that it can happen to you.

• To make driving a little easier, there are a number of rules one have to keep in mind.



• Search (for hazards)
• Identify (the type of hazard)
• Predict (how one will be influenced by it)
• Decide (what action to take)


We should continually be searching for anything, which could cause us to change speed or direction. The search process should not be restricted to forward vision only, but to the sides and rear as well.